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You may choose a REAL top-level domain name for $1.99 instead of a subdomain HERE. If you already have a domain name, and want to host it here for free CLICK HERE and choose "Choice 2".

     Making free websites is fun!  Designing your own layout, using free templates, and choosing your site colors can make your home page or business web page creation very rewarding.  

     When you are building your free website at, you have several choices how to build your free pages. Depending on your skills in free website building, I make it very simple and easy for the beginner, or advanced users can build a free website now uploading their files in several different ways.  Choose your free website building method from the choices below.

      To get started building your totally free website you may register HERE if you haven't registered yet.  To register, just type in your chosen website name in the box at the top of the page next to and click the "sign up" button.  Your will then own the website name (if available) and be directed to the "signup options page".  (You may log-in HERE if you are already signed up for a free website).

     On the "signup options" page you may choose if you want an ad-free domain, (you may upgrade at any time, and hosting costs start at around $6.00 US a month) or an ad-sponsored free website.  To continue with your totally free website, choose choice 1: "subdomain hosting".  Make sure you chosen free website name is in the box at choice 1 and click the "sign up now" button.

     You will then be directed to a page to confirm your choice and you may compare hosting options.  With your free website, you are allowed a generous 100 megs of web space.  If you are sure you want a FREE website, choose "plan 1" and click the "continue with signup" button.

     You will then be directed to a page where you will enter your personal information and a valid email.  Your information is private, safe and secure.  It is needed to prevent abuse and will not be shared with any 3rd party.  Your mail must be a valid email address so we can send you your registration information.  Please read the "terms of service" and enter the validation code.  Click the "create your account" button.   (You may then receive a small popup window.... click "yes")

    You will now receive an email confirming your registration, and you now are ready to start building your free website!  You may now log-in HEREMake sure you enter your complete "user name".  Example: ( Enter your password and click the "login" button.

      I realize that the templates provided are a bit difficult to use. The images make them hard to edit. I have designed a set of templates that require no images and still look pretty cool. Go HERE, choose the template you would like and highlight and copy the script.
     Log into your website and choose "HTML file manager", create "blank html page" and name it something that ends in .html like yourpage.html
If this is going to be the main page of your site, it must be called index.html !!   Click the "create" button. Now scroll down the page and find your new page title and click on the "edit" icon.  Highlight all the script on the page and replace it by pasting your new template script on the page. Click the "save changes" button at the bottom.
     Near the bottom of the page click "Return to User Manager" (or log out and log back in) Choose "Site Builder", then "use site builder".  In the "EDIT EXISTING HTML FILE" section, click on the page you want to work on and click on the "Edit highlighted HTML page" button. You may now edit your page with the new template.
     All I ask is that you do not remove the link to at the bottom of the page. It is the only credit I get. (remember, this is MY free webhosting, and I can see your site!) Other than that, you may edit the template any way you like.

Adding Images

    The easiest way to upload photos is to log in to build your site, click on "HTML File Manager", Then in the top left, click the "UPLOAD" button under "Upload Files from Your Computer". Browse your computer for the imasge and upload it to your site. (you may direct it to a file) Your image should now appear with your other files. Click on the icon, or the spelled out file title and it should appear in a browser window. Highlight and copy the exact address to the image that is now in the browser window (example: You may now click edit on the page you want to have the image on and you will have access to the HTML and you may paste the address where you want it by using the following code:(make sure you substitute your picture's address)
<img src="">

     If you are using one of my free templates and building your site in "visual editor", (I am assuming you have pasted the template script in text editor and saved it.) Log onto your site and choose "Site Builder" Then where it says "NEW ONLINE SITE BUILDER" choose "USE SITE BUILDER". Then under "EDIT EXISTING HTML FILE" highlight the page title you want to work on, and click the "edit highlighted page" button. You should now see your template in all it's splendor. Click on the photo icon on the top task bar, and you may browse your computer for images or enter the URLs of external images. Upload your images and they should appear with all the images on the upload page. After you have uploaded all the images you are going to need, close that box so you see your template. Click on the spot where you want the image and click the photo icon again, find your image, and choose "insert". Make sure to SAVE your work!

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